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A message from the Website Co-ordinators to
Golf Day supporters

Firstly, many thanks for supporting what is now a very popular and important date in both the Brentwood Golf Club and South Weald Village annual Programme.

The Golf day, itself, raises some £1,500 every year, whilst the Festival creates some £15,000! Indeed, in 2019, £28,000 was raised! However, like all Charities, the last two years have been very difficult.

What does the money raised go for? The main beneficiaries are St Peter’s School and St Peter’s Church. The web site has Interviews of our Vicar, Jane Bradbury and the Headteacher, Iain Gunn, who explain what the Festival means to them. At the Church, we know we will have to find £100k for major roof repairs as well as a similar amount for the organ. At the School, we have decided to go to 2 form entry in order to accommodate all our catchment children, whatever faith the family might follow. This has meant building 4 extra classrooms over the last 5 years, only one supported by the County. They will cost over £150k when the work is finally finished.


We hope that the Festival, through its Events, will reflect this, especially the wonderful Flower Displays which have been enjoyed for almost 60 years!

The main Patronal Festival Weekend is from Friday June 25th to Sunday June 27th. Please ensure that you are not going away that weekend, especially if you have connections with South Weald!!

Do look carefully at the rest of the web site, which tells you what you can see, how to get tickets and, if you can manage ½ hour or so – how you can help. We rely heavily on our volunteers, young and old.

Best wishes from the Festival Website and Media team. Please use all media to contact us and find out the latest news as to what is going on and who is supporting.

Have a great Golfing Day out and do visit to find out more. The site is continually updated to reflect the changing conditions in which we all find ourselves!!

Laura Heazel, Tony Nicholls, Jack Tyson and Chris Luck