A Tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Seventy long years Queen Elizabeth’s reign

A feat we are unlikely to witness again

Thoughtful, discrete and wise as it transpired

Never before was a monarch so admired


Her labours she bears with consummate ease

Always on duty, her subjects to please

Despite personal trials and much tribulation

She places first this incredible nation


England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales

Balanced evenly in her hands; our scales

Royalty yes but without pomp or fuss

At the end of the day she’s just one of us


Suez, Vietnam and the Falklands war

She’s seen it all and so much more

The moon landing, computers and mobile phones, 

Air balloons; jet aircraft and intrusive drones


First black and white then colour TV

Only one channel, the BBC

Then ITV, cable and satellite

Now hundreds to choose from day and night


Fourteen Prime Ministers throughout her reign

They come; then suddenly they disappear again

From Churchill to Thatcher, May and Johnson

To Brown, Blair Callaghan and Harold Wilson


Philip now no longer there by her side

Family disparate, spread far and wide

The pandemic, wokery and cancellation

Dignified silence without reservation


Queen Elizabeth I pen this as a tribute to you

I praise your life and the good that you do

So after a life of duty, service and routine

Let’s raise a glass and cry “God save the Queen”


Roger Hornett ( Author of “The Covid Verses) 

May 2022

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