Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) the festival event information may be subject to change depending on latest government advice.
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A message from the Website Co-ordinators

What a strange year it has been but, as we write in early May, so many signs of optimism!

Last year our Theme was, perhaps unsurprisingly, “2020 Vision”, as we celebrated not only those wonderful people who assist us with our sight, but also developed our Vision of an Earth as we would wish to see it.


This year, with our “new look” Patronal Festival 2021 we hope to start to implement that Vision with our “Over the Rainbow” Festival. We hope that the Festival, through its Events, will reflect this, especially the wonderful Flower Displays which have been enjoyed for almost 60 years!

We hope to run the Events from Tuesday June 22nd with the now traditional Joint Concert with Becket Keys School, through to the School Patronal Festival Eucharist on St Peter’s Day, Tuesday, June 29th

The main Patronal Festival Weekend is from Friday, June 25th to Sunday, June 27th. Please ensure that you are not going away that weekend, especially if you have connections with South Weald!!
But there is a BIG CHANGE this year. There are NO PROGRAMMES. 
A number of good reasons can be advanced for this. 
1. They cost a lot to produce - £2,500 last year 
2. They are thrown away after the Event, thus damaging the environment 
3. We can’t be sure as to how we might be able to sell them 
4. We can make updates as needed
5. Our wonderful supporters and sponsors can have credit until we start with the 2022 web site!

Do look carefully at the rest of the web site, which tells you what you can see, how to get tickets and, if you can manage ½ hour or so – how you can help. We rely heavily on our volunteers, young and old.

Please use all media to contact us and find out the latest news as to what is going on and who is supporting us.  Credit must go to the Festival Committee and to the individual Events Coordinators who do such a wonderful job every year. It was a record year in 2019, raising almost £28,000 for the joint benefit of the School and the Church – can we beat that?

Best wishes from the Festival Website and Media team. 

Laura Heazel, Tony Nicholls, Jack Tyson and Chris Luck